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Live On The Hill? Don’t Make These Palos Verdes Landscaping Mistakes

By Steve Darrison on Dec 15, 2016 11:16:11 PM    

Palos Verdes Landscaping Trends

Landscaping your yard can add curb appeal, value and charm to the exterior of your home. But improper landscaping can do the opposite. It can cause your home to lose value, take away from your curb appeal and make your home look boring or unkempt. Learning about mistakes other people make can help you avoid these Palos Verdes landscaping mistakes yourself. Here are three common problems and how to avoid them, involving water (drainage), decaying stuff (mulch) and boredom (boring plant palette).

Improper Yard Drainage

You've probably heard the song "It Never Rains in Southern California." Well, this is not exactly true. Palos Verdes gets around 14 inches of rain a year. And it doesn't exactly rain. When it comes down, it often pours. Unfortunately, when it pours, puddles of water can develop in your yard and flower beds if you do not have the right yard drainage system in place. There are many different ways you can ensure water properly drains in your yard. The first is to have your yard graded so that if there is a slope, that slope drains away from your home. The second is to use large plants with deep root systems in places where you experience a lot of pooling. A large tree can soak excess water up, helping to prevent that issue in the future. The last option is to install an outdoor drainage system, such as a french drain. Water seeps through your soil and through a layer of gravel into a drainage tube. This drainage tube then carries the water away from your home, helping to remove excess moisture from your yard. Too much water can kill plants and grass, and if the water in your yard is sitting up against your home or foundation, can cause major home problems. Always ensure your yard has the right drainage to protect your home and landscaping.

Some Palos Verdes Landscaping trends have developed to be very similar to those of other California coastal communities in order to deal with the problem of soil erosion. For a more details discussion of these trends and issues, read Proper Malibu Landscaping To Prevent Soil Erosion.

Too Much Mulch

Another common Palos Verdes landscaping problem is using too much mulch. Mulch is commonly used in Palos Verdes as it can be a way to limit the amount of water that is wasted on your plants. This is highly recommended in areas where there is a drought, such as Palos Verdes, as it helps conserve water. Palos Verdes still has watering restrictions in place because of the drought, so mulch helps you give your plants the water they need while still following the water guidelines. When placed over soil, mulch helps soil to retain any water that is currently present in the soil. It provides a layer that the sun has to penetrate to get to the soil, ultimately helping to block some of the sun's rays. This helps to prevent moisture in the soil from evaporating and allows you to use less water. But one of the downsides to mulch is that if you use too much, you can take away from the beauty of the items you have planted. If your mulch is too thick, it can draw the eye away from your plants, instead focusing on piles of these wood chips. A little mulch goes a long way. Cover your soil with a one to two inch layer of mulch. Anymore than that is just overkill. And limit your mulching to around flower beds, gardens, and trees. If you are looking for drought-tolerant landscaping, go with rocks and gravel instead of mulch.

Boring Plant Palette

Plants, shrubs, trees and flowers can all make or break your Palos Verdes landscaping design. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their landscaping is using a boring plant palette. You can bring in different colors, textures and sizes of plants to the space to add different elements. However, some people select plants that are about the same size, color and texture. Think of it like an outfit. Would you wear blue pants, a blue shirt, blue shoes and a blue jacket, all made from the same material? Probably not because it would be boring. Instead, you bring in new colors and types of fabrics for texture and style. The same is true with your yard. Palos Verdes has a plant hardiness zone of 10B - 11A. Plant hardiness scales help determine which plants will thrive in which locations based on weather elements and temperatures. Look for plants that fall within this hardiness zone to ensure your plants thrive in these conditions. From there, mix and match colors, sizes and textures to create a colorful and eye-catching space.

Landscaping can bring so much to your home. However, designing, planting and maintaining Palos Verdes landscaping can be a lot of work. If you want a beautiful yard, but don't have the time or knowledge to design, plant or maintain it. let a landscaping company do the work for you. Contact a company today to find out how your yard can make your neighbors green with envy.


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