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Proper Beverly Hills Tree Maintenance And Care

By Steve Darrison on Nov 28, 2016 8:30:00 AM    

Los Angeles Tree Care And Tree MaintenanceAlong with movie stars, opulent mansions, and arguably the most famous zip code in America, Beverly Hills is known for its mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful, immaculately maintained environs. Hot summers and mild winters make it an ideal place for plants and trees year round. A drive down Rodeo Drive will give you a chance to admire the Canary palm trees made famous by countless movies and television shows from The Beverly Hillbillies to the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

But a year-round growing season means year-round maintenance for both private and municipal green spaces. To keep Beverly Hills looking as beautiful as its reputation says it should look, regular tree maintenance is an essential part of any landscaping regimen. In addition to more general Southern California tree maintenance issues, what should be included in tree care and maintenance in Beverly Hills?

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Trees Needs TLC Too

In order to keep trees beautiful and healthy, they need regular attention and care. A competent Beverly Hills tree trimming company will offer such services as pruning, cleaning, elevation, sculpting, crown thinning and reduction, lacing, cabling, and feeding. These are different techniques to keep trees thriving, robust and looking smart. Tree maintenance may also include removal and stump grinding.

Trees need to be tended to keep them from growing too close to power lines or structures and potentially causing damage. Additionally, untended trees can pose a danger to both people and property; dead or dying branches can break off and damage homes or cars. Even worse, a falling branch could seriously injure someone. And if the tree is on your property, you could be liable.

But a friendly word of caution: tree trimming requires a very different skill set from simply pulling weeds or planting flowers. Height, dangerous tools and specialized equipment mean that it’s a job best left to a licensed professional. Knowledge of biology and trimming techniques is necessary to avoid accidents or damaging the tree. Every year people are injured or killed while attempting to trim their own trees; it is one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

When Trees Are Sick

Trees, like people, can get sick. Insects and diseases that attack trees can have lethal effects, and there are some serious issues that can threaten trees in the Beverly Hills area. Beverly Hills tree maintenance includes treating these problems. A few of the main ones are:

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  • Red Palm Weevil These beetles arrived in California via Laguna Beach in 2010, and can kill palm trees in a short period of time. The larvae excavate holes up to three feet long in the trunks of palm trees, weakening and eventually killing the tree. They are equal opportunity pests, attacking coconut, oil, and date palms.
  • Fusarium Wilt A fungus that attacks palm trees. The fronds turn yellow and eventually fall off. It enters trees through the root system and spreads from tree to tree very easily. It is a soil-borne pathogen and can live in the ground for long periods of time; if a tree dies from fusarium wilt, the fungus in the soil will continue to infect neighboring plants. It is not recommended that another tree be planted in the vicinity.
  • Goldspotted Oak Borer Attacking oak trees, a keystone species in southern California, the larvae of these beetles feed beneath the bark while growing to their mature stage. The tissues of the tree are gradually damaged, and after several years, multiple generations can eventually kill the tree. They were first discovered in California in 2004.
  • Needle blight This fungus attacks Beverly Hills pine trees. The needles start to discolor, turning yellow, then brown, then black. Needles fall off prematurely, and successive years of severe needle blight can kill the tree.
  • Pine Bark Borer Similar to the goldspotted oak borer, this beetle tunnels through the bark and lays eggs in the inner bark. Once hatched, the larvae feed on the tree, and the adult insects bore out through the bark. Symptoms of infestation are yellowing leaves, boring dust, and adult exit holes. These beetles have already caused high levels of tree mortality in California.
Proper Care And Tree Maintenance

Your Trees Are Part of Your Family

Indeed, they are living things that share your home. The benefits of healthy trees are manifold: they adorn that little piece of the earth you call home, improve air quality, provide shade, prevent soil erosion, reduce noise, create privacy, and increase property value. They are the silent sentinels that welcome others to your home. A professional Beverly Hills landscaping and tree trimming company can keep your trees in tip-top condition and keep you feeling proud of your home.


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