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What Makes Palos Verdes Tree Trimming So Dangerous?

By Steve Darrison on Dec 13, 2016 3:11:36 PM    

Palos Verdes Tree Trimming

There are numerous reasons why trees in Palos Verdes, California may require trimming. It may need to be trimmed to remove diseased portions of the tree, to remove branches damaged by storms, to thin the crown of the tree and allow for better growth, to reduce the height of a tree so it doesn't rub against your home or power lines, to remove lower branches that may be obstructing a sidewalk or to shape a tree to your liking. Many tree maintenance considerations are very similar across much of Southern California and you can read and apply many of the strategies found in our blog post, Proper Beverly Hills Tree Maintenance and Care, to Palos Verdes trees as well.

However, Palos Verde tree trimming presents its own unique challenges. Here are a few of those unique challenges and the tree trimming rules you must follow in these unique situations.

Trimming on a Slope

Before you begin to trim any trees on the slope, you need to assess the conditions. If the slope is unstable or unsound, do not venture onto the slope to do any trimming. A geologist or geotechnical engineer should be called in to asses the stability of the slope and give ideas for stabilizing it if it is unstable. You can seriously injure yourself trimming a tree on an unstable slope.

If the tree or trees on the slope are large and sturdy, scaling the tree and cutting the crown and dead growth is a viable option. However, you must have the right gear or you can fall and hurt yourself. If the ground is stable but the trees are too small to scale, placing platforms to cut the trees is also an option. The last option is to use an orchard ladder.

Trimming Trees That are Growing on Unstable Ground

Trees gowing on unstable grown can be challenging. If you are attempting this process yourself, never use an extension ladder. It can sink into the unstable ground and slip, causing injury to yourself. The only type of ladder that is designed to be used on unstable ground is an orchard ladder, also commonly called an tripod ladder. This type of ladder has three legs. Two in the front of the ladder and an adjustable single leg on the back. The adjustable leg in the back can be made longer or shorter than the two front base legs, helping to keep the ladder positioned, even on uneven or unstable ground. Once you have your ladder in position, you can trim a tree on unstable ground the same as you would any other tree.

Trimming Trees That are In Drought Stress

It can take two years for a tree to show you that it is in distress because of a lack of water, a conditon known as drought stress. If your tree has leaves that are smaller than usual, grow in already wilted or curled, are yellow instead of green, or look like they have browning or scorched marks along the edges, your tree is likely suffering from this condition. Properly watering the roots and mulching around the tree can help get the tree the water it needs to survive this condition. However, pruning the tree is equally important.

When you are trimming a tree that is in drought stress, you want to first focus on trimming away dead growth. Trim away branches, leaves and limbs that are obviously dead or unhealthy. However, as you do this, keep the 25 percent rule in mind. Never trim more than 25 percent of a branch, limb or tree canopy in one season or you can cause serious distress in the tree. If your tree has not been maintained, it may take a few season to trim away all of the dead growth in large trees. After you have trimmed away the dead growth, begin to even out the tree, helping to ensure the limbs and branches are about the same length all the way around. Slowly but surely, your tree will begin to make a come back with the proper water, nutrients and tree trimming.

Trimming Palos Verdes Trees can be a lot of work thanks to the uneven terrain, unstable ground and dry conditions due to the drought. However, it needs to be done to ensure the health and wellness of your trees. But, not only does it need to be done, but it has to be done correctly or you can damage the tree or harm yourself. If you are not sure how to trim the trees or have elements that make it rough, call in a professional. A Palos Verdes tree trimming company can help you with all of your tree service needs, ensuring your trees look great while both you and the tree remain healthy.

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