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The plants are chosen. The design is set. Now it is time to take those ideas and turn them into a masterpiece that will set your grounds apart from others in the area. Whether you want simple, clean landscaping or a complex design that rivals the most famous world renown gardens, proper installation is the key to a successful landscaping project.

People tend to think regionally, but the truth is, Los Angeles commercial landscape installation is generally similar to southern caliornia landscape installation and involves many of the same considerations.

So what should you consider when installing your new landscaping? Here are a few important aspects to keep in mind:


Communication between you and your landscaping firm is extremely important when it comes to installing commercial landscaping. You need a crew that listens to you and takes your suggestions and finds a way to implement them. When it comes to installing commercial landscaping, it is vital that the crew respects your time and working boundaries.

Keeping the Mess at a Minimum

Installing large scale landscaping projects can be messy. It can take an entire crew and multiple vehicles to get the job completed. This can cause chaos around your office. A better option may be to commission the crew for after real business hours to keep the mess of the project away from clients. That means your crew is going to have to take special care to ensure that all vehicles, plants, supplies and debris are brought in – and cleaned up – at night or on the weekend.

If you do plan on allowing work to proceed during your regular business hours, speak with the supervisor to ensure that loud noises, music and even equipment are used with respect to office staff.

Staying on Time and On Budget

The larger the project, the more important it is to stay on time and on budget. Anticipate delays or unexpected problems when dealing with large scale landscaping projects. A quality landscaping firm will offer a back-up plan should issues arise.

Special Considerations

There are a lot of details to consider when planning a complicated landscaping project. Be sure to consider these common issues:

  • Noise: if there is going to be a lot of digging, blowing or pruning, make plans for keeping the noise of equipment from disrupting your work day.
  • Parking: bringing in large commercial vehicles can limit parking for your staff and your clients. Be prepared by finding alternative spaces and be sure to install temporary signs directing clients to their new parking area.
  • Seasonal coloring: when installing new landscaping, mark off places where seasonal plants can be added to offer a customized color palette to the grounds.
  • Use shrubs and deciduous plantings to offer a clean sophisticated appearance: Adding a lot of colorful flowers and plants are nice, but also incorporating green shrubs and plants can keep your landscape design from appearing to busy.
  • Brighten entryways: curb appeal is vital when it comes to installing the proper landscaping. Be sure to concentrate on that first impression to make your building stand out.

Landscape installation takes time and can be quite a disruption to a busy office or commercial building. Our skilled technicians understand the importance of staying out of the way and completing their tasks as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. A great landscaping professional should be able to complete their tasks without ever disrupting anyone in the office or creating a distraction outside.