Commercial Stump Grinding

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You’ve had to remove a few trees from your commercial property. There is another step to the tree removal process you may have not considered: stump grinding. Every tree leaves behind a stump when it is removed. These stumps don’t only detract from your overall landscape design but they can be hazardous. You may be tempted to leave those stumps right where they are, but keep these important things in mind:

  • Stumps attract insects: stumps left to rot can attract all sorts of insects; especially termites. This can put your other trees at risk of disease and damage.
  • Stumps promote new tree growth: it is not uncommon for stumps to promote new tree shoots. This not only looks horrible, but they can be costly to remove.
  • Stumps can cause property damage: root systems left in place after a tree is removed can continue to grow, infiltrating sidewalks, driveways, sewer and underground plumbing. If left too close to the building, they can also cause foundation problems in the future.
  • Stumps are hazardous: presenting a tripping hazard, stumps left in your property pose a safety concern for guests and employees alike.

What Is Stump Grinding

There are several ways to remove old stumps from the ground: you can dig them out or you can grind them down. Digging can become a big hassle and may cost hundreds more than simple grinding will. By bringing it state of the art grinding equipment, the entire stump can be removed within hours. Fast and efficient, the grinder simply wears away the stump until it is several inches underground where it will naturally disintegrate over time. Then new plantings can be placed over the stump area, leaving your landscaping intact.

One of the biggest benefits of stump grinding is the fact that little – if any – damage is done to nearby landscaping during the process. Digging out a stump usually damages the yard and other plantings that are close to the stump.

Removing those old tree stumps is the final step to tree removal process. Once complete, the area is free to be replanted or designed to complement your existing landscaping.

We are a premiere Los Angeles commercial stump grinding company, who specializes in fast, clean and professional commercial stump grinding, that leaves the remaining landscape looking great.