Residential Brush Clearance

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The danger is real. Brushfires and wildfires sweep through Southern California every year, destroying homes and properties along the way. Lawmakers are constantly setting rules for local brush clearing, and still homeowners fail to take the risk seriously. Make regular brush clearance a vital component of your landscape management plan – especially if you live in a marked danger zone – and lower your risk of losing your home to a fire.

The Importance of Brush Clearance

There are a lot of things that can increase your risk of wildfires. Vegetation management is essential to keeping your property safe. Regular maintenance and brush clearance should be part of every landscaping management plan. But what does that mean? Taking the time to evaluate your risk and watching for trouble spots is essential to staying safe. Work with your professional landscaping team to develop a solid brush clearance management plan for your home and property. This should include:

  • Regular trimming and pruning: this lowers the risk of dead and dry limbs and branches from catching fire in an emergency situation.
  • Removal of dead plants and trees from the property. Never leave dead leaves, branches, shrubs or trees on your property.
  • Debris upkeep: keep clippings and other yard debris cleaned up.
  • Keeping any combustible materials far away from your home.

We are Los Angeles residential brush clearance experts and our first priority is to identify risk and prioritize handling hazards through a comprehensive landscape management assessment program. Be sure that your service professionals know and understand local laws and ordinances regarding brush clearance to adhere to all regulations.