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First impressions really do count. Set a tone and mood right at your front door. Let your landscaping draw your guests into your home with a sense of style.

Setting the Right Mood with the Perfect Landscape Design

There’s more to landscaping than good looks. It also has to set a tone or mood. Your outdoor landscaping hasn’t done its job until it has given visitors a hint at your personality and style.

Whether you adore shabby chic or want to emulate the old word sophistication of a European castle, your landscape design should complement your home, giving your entire property a fluency that emits style and class.

Design Services

When it comes to showcasing your home and grabbing the kind of attention you seek, you need an expert Los Angeles residential landscape design team that know how to create the kind of 5-star resort design that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

For landscape design services, choose a team that pays attention to even the smallest detail. Concept design should just be the beginning. You also need a qualified team of experts that can handle installation and maintenance to give you the look you are after. We know what high-end clients in Southern California demand. That is why our all-inclusive services include:

Custom Planning: your landscaping should be as unique as your home. That’s why you need a talented pool of experts prepared that can lead the way in designing a compressive landscape plan that brings all aspects of the property together with one cohesive look. This includes specialty gardens as well as standard borders, plus intensive tree care and lawn care.

Conceptual Design: you know what you want – you may even have a design in your head. You simply don’t have the experience to bring your dreams to reality within the confines of your space. Give your design team the freedom to use their artistic abilities and create a conceptual design that showcases your property in a sophisticated, yet trendy way that will grab attention.

Planting Designs: once the design is finished, it is time to bring in a skilled planting crew to turn those dreams into a reality. Planting takes more than a knack for flowers; it requires a specific set of skills and knowledge that can take your landscape from average to extraordinary.

Preservation Design: own an historic property? It will require a special kind of knowledge if you want to coordinate your seasonal plantings to match the overall tone and historic style of the property. Designers and planters trained in historic landscaping are vital when trying to recreate old time gardens and designs.

Irrigation: There are a lot of water challenges in the Los Angeles area. That’s why you need professional landscape designers who understand those challenges and use them to create green masterpiece designs that are easy to maintain with little water, but still look impressive.

Maintenance Planning: creating a beautiful landscape is just part of the job. You also need to have a solid maintenance plan for keeping those plants, shrubs and trees looking splendid.

Finding the Right Landscaping Team

Finding the right design team isn’t always as easy as it may seem. It is important that the professionals you choose to design your home’s exterior landscaping is knowledgeable, efficient and listens to what you want.

Communication is key when it comes to developing a plan that you will love. Be sure that the designer listens to your ideas and explains how they will be incorporated into the final design.

Stand Out with the Right Landscape Design

Your home is your centerpiece. Showcase that centerpiece with a stunning landscape design that is created to augment the style of your home, while setting it apart from others in the neighborhood. Use color, design and amenities to bring your home to the next level. Seasonal colorscaping can add a flare to your landscape, grabbing attention and making your home sparkle. Or use a unique garden design to add intrigue and depth to your property. No matter what unique and interesting landscape design you can come up with, our expert team can create.

Creating a high end landscape for your home takes more than some planting now-how. It requires an artist with the experience to be able to take standard plants and create a stunning backdrop that showcases the beauty of your home, and giving you a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy.