Residential Landscape Maintenance

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You have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to create beautiful landscape to offset your property and showcase your home. But planting the right trees, shrubs and flowers isn’t enough. To keep that look of rich elegance and perfectly manicured space, you have to develop a customized management plan. Otherwise, that beautiful landscape will soon look drab and unkempt. Attention to detail is vital to creating the kind of hassle-free landscaping you need to ensure that your lawn and gardens look as good next week as they do today.

Plants need a lot of attention. Without it, they are prone to disease, pests, and worse. Taking proper care of a large garden and lawn area requires a qualified and knowledgeable landscaping staff. Not just anyone will do. You need someone you can trust. Offering reliable and knowledgeable service throughout Southern California, we work hard to instill the highest level of trust with each of our clients. A strict standard of excellence gives our clients the peace of mind in knowing that their property is being well cared for.

What is a Custom Care Plan?

A premiere Los Angeles residential landscape maintenance company, we create an individualized plan that outlines every detail of your landscaping maintenance procedure, a custom care plan gives both you and your landscape team an idea of what needs to be done – and when. It should include the basics of yard maintenance as well as any special expectations you may have for your lawn care. What kind of services should you include in this comprehensive maintenance schedule? Here are just some of the most common services that our clients include in their landscape maintenance plans:

  • A general maintenance schedule– do you want your lawn cut and your bushes pruned every week? Schedule regular visits with your landscaping company to ensure that all necessary mowing, trimming, pruning, blowing, weeding, and debris clean-up is handled before your landscaping begins to look shabby. Also, outline what special services will be included on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Seasonal colorscaping -- as the seasons change, so should you landscape. Add some seasonal color to your grounds with annuals and perennials that highlight the changes of the season.
  • Water maintenance & irrigation inspections and repairs: this is extremely important in the Los Angeles area where water can be limited at times. Be sure that you sprinkler system, heads and sensors are all checked regularly and that everything is in good working order.
  • Aeration: soil can become compacted in dryer regions of Southern California. This can leave your lawn looking tired and worn. Aeration involves creating small holes in the soil to allow water and nutrients to get through, creating a richer, more lush lawn.
  • Trees, plants and ornamental plant care & plant health: plant health is vital to keeping your landscape looking as good as it should. Include regular plant inspections by a qualified plant expert and determine the kind of specialized plant care want should disease overtake any of your plantings.
  • Pest management: pests can ruin even the best kept garden space. Be sure that your landscaping professionals are always watching out for insect and pest damage and are ready to fix any problems that may arise.
  • Design enhancements: a stale landscape cannot give you the sophisticated look and feel that a high end neighborhood demands. Your design team should be regularly updating your plantings and offering enhancement ideas for keeping your property looking fresh.

Finding a Landscaping Partner

Your property deserves more than a standard landscaper. You need a partner with the knowledge and experience to take your grounds to the next level.

Whether you want regular trimming or a personalized gardener to keep every plant healthy, you deserve an expert team that is prepared to give you exactly the level of service you demand. We pride ourselves in the relationships we cultivate with our clients; earning their trust and developing a lasting relationship.

Our Promise to You

As your landscape specialists, we strive to give you a hassle free maintenance experience. It is our job to handle every detail of your property’s landscaping maintenance, leaving you free to handle other important tasks around your home. With our trained team at the helm, you never have to be concerned about what’s happening outside. Simply enjoy the beautiful landscaping throughout your property with no concern about the details involved in keeping it that way.