residential stump Grinding

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There has been some damage to the trees adorning your home and property and a few had to go. Now you are left with unsightly stumps gracing your yard. What’s to be done?

Every tree leaves behind a stump when it is removed. The bigger the tree -- the bigger the stump. These stumps don’t only detract from your overall landscape design; they can be hazardous. You may be tempted to leave them right where they are, but it is always best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons why stumps can cause you problems later on:

Stumps attract insects

Termites are a big problem in Southern California. Stumps are a breeding ground for termites and other insects. Not only can this put your other landscape trees at risk of disease, it can put your home at risk of a termite invasion.

Stumps promote new tree growth

Stumps can remain active, encouraging new shoots to emerge.. This not only looks shabby, but those small tree saplings can be costly to remove.

Stumps can cause property damage

Root systems often stay alive long after a tree is cut down. This can infiltrate sidewalks, driveways and even building foundations.

Stumps are hazardous

Stumps present a real tripping hazard in your yard, putting your family and guests at risk of an injury. Plus, hidden stumps can become a hazard when mowing the yard, since lawnmowers can be damaged or even overturn when running over them.

Stumps take up yard space

You have a lot of time and money creating an oasis in your backyard. Leaving stumps strewn haphazardly through your landscape can take up precious space that could be used for new seedlings; patio area; a fire pit; play yard; pet recreation area or even a new garden.

What is Stump Grinding?

Digging out a stump can be hard and messy. A better way is to use a grinding machine to whittle away at the stump until it is below ground level. Fast, easy and much more efficient, stump grinding is a professional service that can clear away stumps in no time.

Traditional stump clearing often leaves holes and other damage to the surrounding landscape. Stump grinding offers a clean alternative that does not affect the surrounding lawn or plants. We are a Los Angeles residential stump grinding expert that specializes in quick, clean residential stump grinding that leaves your surrounding landscaping looking incredible.