Brush Clearance


Brush clearance is especially important in areas at the highest risk of fire. Still, far too many property managers fail to identify the hazards on their own property, thus putting it at a higher risk than it needs to be.


On-the-ground chipping and vegetation management is essential to lowering a property’s risk of damage due to local wildfire. Regular maintenance and brush clearance should be part of every landscaping management plan. This should include:

  • Regular trimming and pruning
  • Removal of dead plants and trees from the property
  • Debris upkeep

Every community in Southern California takes the threat of wildfires seriously, This has resulted in detailed plans for both businesses and residents to adhere to. We are Los Angeles commercial brush clearance experts, who pay close attention to changes in local codes and demand that your professional landscaping crew watch for dangers and clear brush regularly. This not only ensures the safety of your own property; but will work to keep the entire community safe in the event of a wildfire.