Tree Trimming

Trees look so strong and majestic many homeowners fail to realize the importance of regular maintenance. This can lead to damage or even the complete destruction of the trees that adorn your property. Avoid problems by having your trees regularly groomed by our team of Los Angeles residential tree trimming experts. This will help to highlight concerns and give your landscape a clean, manicured look.

Types of Tree Trimming

Tree Shaping: For a uniform look to your trees, use a professional service that knows how to safely and efficiently shape your trees to look their best.

Crown Reduction: A tree’s canopy can affect how sturdy it is and can also interfere with sight lines. Choosing specific limbs to cut off, your crowning expert can keep excess weight off of branches, making the tree better able to withstand high winds and storms, as well as make the tree better fit the area. In most cases, reducing a tree’s canopy by as much as one fourth can help to increase air flow through the branches and allow better sunlight penetration. This will increase the overall health of the tree as well as offer a more aesthetically pleasing look to your property.

Cable Bracing: Not every damaged tree has to be removed. Sometimes, a tree that has been affected by a storm or disease can be saved. Cable bracing can be sued while the tree heals to keep it stable and safe.