Landscape Installation


You have worked side by side with your landscape architect to choose every plant; design a garden area that will be the envy of all of your friends; and now you are ready to create the stunning oasis of beauty that you have been working toward. The next step is calling in the installation team.

Before they get to work, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Now is not the time to walk away and let the installation team on their own. Keep communication open between all members of your installation team. Without clear communication your needs and expectations will not be met.

Staying on Time and On Budget

Your time is valuable – and so is your money. Large projects can sometimes eat away at both. While it is important to expect delays, and even some cost overruns, you need to feel confident that the project is going to move forward as outlined as much as possible. Buffer your schedule and your budget to accommodate unforeseen issues and changes, but also demand that your professional landscaping team get the job done correctly and according to your contract.


Any time a large project is underway on your property, safety is always a concern. After all, this is your home. You want to be sure that your family and your home is safe. Review all installations plans and demand that proper safety precautions are taken to keep injury and accidents from occurring.