Landscape Design


Commercial landscaping requires a special kind of knowledge to create the kind of upper level design that high end clients demand. We pride ourselves in offering the comprehensive commercial landscaping services that the Southern California community has come to expect.


Whether you are already a Fortune 500 company or working to build a reputation among industry elite, first impressions do count. Make a lasting impression right at the front door with the kind of high class landscaping your type of client expects.

Use Your Landscape Design to Set the Right Mood

Your outdoor landscaping should do more than look good. It should showcase your business image. From ultra- modern and sophisticated chic to an elaborate (yet contemporary) look, a Los Angeles commercial landscape design professional knows exactly how to match the exterior of your business with the interior to create fluency that emits confidence and style.

Design Services

When looking for landscape design services, choose a team that offers a comprehensive design package to make sure every detail of the project is handled with care. This should include concept design and development throughout your property. You want more than a basic landscape company to bring your property to life; you want an artist that can create a 5-star resort design that grabs attention. Working with high end clients throughout Southern California, our design services include:

Campus Planning

No matter what the size of your campus, you need a talent pool that can lead the way in designing a compressive landscape plan that brings all aspects of the property together with one cohesive look.

Conceptual Design

You may have an idea of what you want, but it is your design team’s job to take those thoughts and create a conceptual design that showcases your property in a sophisticated, yet trendy way that sets your property apart.

Planting Designs

An expert design team is important, but don’t forget the importance of bringing in a skilled planting crew to bring that vision to life. From plantings, lighting and maintenance, you need planting specialists that know about the plants, shrubs and trees adorning your property and can keep them looking their bets all through the year.

Urban Design

Not every property needs the same kind of landscaping. City parks and urban businesses must consider the look and feel they are after; maintenance procedures; ongoing costs and even the sustainability of some plantings when working on urban development project. This takes a special kind of knowledge and skill that cannot be overlooked.


The Los Angeles area offers its own unique water challenges for dealing with landscaping maintenance. Our professional designers understand those limitations and use their experience to create green masterpiece designs that incorporate a variety of irrigation methods for easy maintenance.